• Référence

  • Item

    Unités / Minimum / Maximum
  • Plage de mesure du pesage

    g / 2 / 5000
  • Précision jusqu’à 1 kg

    g / 5
  • Précision jusqu’à 3 kg

    g / 15
  • Précision jusqu’à 5 kg

    g / 25
  • Technologie Bluetooth

    4.0 smart Low Energy
  • Alimentation

    3 piles AAA (fournies)
  • Durée de vie des piles

    12 mois – indicateur de batterie faible
  • Arrêt automatique

    ±180 secondes
  • Accessoires fournis

    Un pèse-aliments connecté, une notice.
  • Conditions de stockage

    Température : 10 – 50°C / 50 – 122°F
  • Dimensions

    210 x 180 x 21mm
  • Unités de poids

    g / ml / lb oz / fl. Oz
  • Conditions normales d’utilisation

    Température : 5 – 35°C / 41 – 95°F Humidité : 20-85%
  • Poids

    620 g




Connected food scale

Manage your daily diet using the BewellConnect nutritional scale. An intelligent assistant for preparing precisely calculated dishes!

Precise nutritional scale

Partner in tracking calories

Reliable and easy to use


In stock


Weigh your food and successfully prepare your dishes with ease

24 hours with MyNutriScale

  • 1Electronically weighs food accurately to the gram
  • 2Determines the nutritional value of each food item (carbohydrates, fats and proteins). A connected assistant suitable for use with all nutritional programmes

Get going with the BewellConnect app

MyNutriScale easily and automatically synchronises with our app via Bluetooth. With BewellConnect, manage your energy intake with complete confidence!

A clear interface and graphs to track your progress (calories, etc.)


Personalised tracking week after week based on your saved profile plus easier data sharing


By sharing these data with your doctor, you can both keep a watchful eye on the goals you’ve set


Your data are secure (Servers certified by the French Ministry of Health).


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For a quick start!

Familiarize yourself with your connected medical device in minutes

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Connected food scale


In stock


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Discover a selection of products and services to complement your augmented health experience!..

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Weight 1.15 kg
Dimensions 31 × 22 × 15 cm


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